MediaTap- An Insight about the App

MediaTap- An Insight about the App
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The founder of MediaTap is AppLeaf team that has brought a relatively new and effective tool in the world of android apps. This addition in the apps market is truly great since it purposefully facilitates downloading media files.

Fast and easyMediaTap 

MediaTap is fast and easy when it comes to downloading files. The application is easy to use and anyone can easily install it into their android phones to download media files for free.

Automatic categorize

The files you download from MediaTap application automatically categorized by their type such as music, videos, photos etc. the downloaded files will be stored in the file manager. You can then perform any action with the file you want such as rename, delete, move, share, copy etc.MediaTap 2

Resume download

This is no doubt one of the best features MediaTap entails to its users. If during file download, your internet connection fails, the file downloading will automatically resume once the connection stables again. This is impressive for the reason that you won’t need to again search for the particular video or music and start downloading it from the beginning.

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Unlimited downloads

With MediaTap application there is no limit to download. You are free to download any file anytime you want. You can also create bookmarks that will help you a great deal.

Search options

Using MediaTap as a downloading application renders many great functions. The searching feature facilitates the users as well. You can simply write the file URL or the keyword in the address bar for searching. Once the file is searched you can hit the downloader button to start the action.

Needless to say, MediaTap is the best downloading application available these days. Since it supports major streaming website you are sure to enjoy it maximum. Make your android device a more fun and valuable tool in hand!