What are the top 10 upcoming movies of 2022 ? It must have happened to you that you are looking to watch a movie and to find the right item, you constantly read the comments about different movies to reach the right item. Also you may heard about best upcoming movies with trailer and review.

Top 10 Upcoming Movies Of 2022

But here we are providing an environment to introduce your favorite movies to others and at the same time choose from among the favorite movies of others to watch.

That’s why we want to introduce you to a complete list of the best movies.

In this list, in addition to introducing famous films, we also tried to introduce films that have high quality and attractiveness, but their names are less heard.

1- Morbius

Morbius is one of Marvel’s most popular anti-heroes. Sony plans to release the movie Morbius, which is about this character, in cinemas in 2022. Follow us to watch the Morbius movie.

Bloody Morbius is a familiar name to all comic book lovers. He is one of the most popular monsters in the world of Marvel and Comics, which in 2015 was ranked 10th in the list of the best monsters in Marvel Comics. This year, Sony plans to release the first independent film about this character in cinemas.

2- Inception 2

Director: Christopher Nolan
Author: Christopher Nolan
Stars: Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, Killin Murphy, Ken Watanabe, Marion Cotillard
Year of release: 2022
Genre: Science Fiction

Inception 2 is another one of the top 10 upcoming movies of 2022 that we are waiting for.

Inception is a science fiction film made in 2010 by Christopher Nolan.
The story of the film is about a group of professionals who enter the subconscious of people and steal their thoughts. The group is led by Leonardo DiCaprio and is wanted all over the United States. He is summoned by a big businessman and offered to clear his record in exchange for extracting the thoughts of a big businessman.

This film is one of Nolan’s masterpieces in which he literally distorts the mind of the audience. Almost until the middle of the film, the story of the film is not clear and the story of the film proceeds in such a way that it must be constantly stopped and Rajab thought.
Many factors have made “indoctrination” one of the masterpieces of cinema in recent years.

Excellent directing, professional writers and producers, very audible soundtracks composed by Hans Zimmer, and many other factors have contributed to the success we have mentioned.
“Inception” is in the list of the best movies in the history of IMDB site, among the top 250.
3 Oscars and 2 BAFTAs have been the share of this masterpiece in the festivals of previous years.
“Indoctrination” is now one of the best films in history.

3- Oblivion 2

Director: Joseph Kushinski
Producer: Joseph Kushinski – Peter Chernin
Cast: Tom Cruise – Morgan Freeman – Andre A. Riesbrough – Nicolai Custer Waldo
Release year: 2022

Oblivion 2 is one of the top 10 upcoming movies of 2022.

Introducing the film – Oblivion is one of the best films in its genre.
A film that can make people think about what is going to happen to Earth in the future?
This film misleads the audience as to whether Rajab is the right film or not.
Famous stars of this film include “Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman and Nicolaus Custer Waldo or Jimmy Lannister of Game of Thrones”.

The story of the film is about the war between earthlings and aliens, in which alien creatures have succeeded in dominating the earth and extracting its resources.
By imitating humans, these creatures have been able to deceive earthlings well.
The story of the film begins where Tom Cruise, the protagonist of the film, with the help of his wife, intends to clear the land of enemies.
In fact, he uses his helicopter to spy on quarantined areas on a daily basis, assisted by his wife, Olga Corileno, from the control room.
They do their mission well, hoping that after retirement they will move to another paradise-like planet.
The mysterious part of this film is very beautiful in the middle of the film.
Our suggestion to you dear ones is to see the continuation of the story of the film for yourself and enjoy the mysterious end of this masterpiece.

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